Georgia Plain Baptist Church seeks to Know Christ and Make Christ Known.

For Annual Report 2013 please click link below:

Annual Report2

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As of September 7th, 2014 we are moving to our Fall Schedule  

Church Begins at 10:30 Sunday School begins at 9:15 on September 14th

Our mailing address is 2573 Plains Rd. Milton, VT 05468



For more information contact us @ 802.524.5348

Georgia Plain Baptist Church is committed to the proclaimation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Georgia, Vermont and throughout the world. We are devoted to knowing Christ and making him known. We do this by:

{1} Being dedicated to the exposition of Scriptures as our sole basis of authority within the Church.

{2} The preaching and teaching of God’s Word, which serves as a pattern for our like as Christians.

{3} Providing a place for those who are in need of Christ’s love.

{4} Sharing Christ love with those in the community and around the world.

{5} Contributing to God’s global mission in the world through financially supporting missionaries.

{6} Partnering with different Churches to show and share the love God has for the world.

{7} Offering genuine pastoral care of members.

{8} Praying for one another and for our mission in the community.

{9} Offering hope for the hopeless, and comfort for those who grieve.

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