GPBC's Mission Statement is “Knowing Christ and Making Christ Known".  

To Make Christ Known, we are reaching out and supporting missions in Vermont, throughout the United States and around the world with financial support and prayers.

Our recent missions (on a national level within the United States) include American Baptist Church Missions; America for Christ; Retired Ministers and Missionaries; Aspire Together , and the White Cross.



Aspire Together

Aspire Together is a locally supported organization offering compassion, hope and practical help to those facing pregnancy, relational and parenting journeys by providing services and support free of charge.

White Cross

For many years, American Baptist’s “helping hands” have been reaching out to people in need.

During World War I, many church women assisted the American Red Cross by providing surgical dressings, bandages, and other medical supplies for U.S. service personnel. In 1919, following the end of the war, two American Baptist women from Cleveland, Ohio organized the “White Cross Service League,” channeling the war effort into support for Baptist mission.