We highly value Christian Education and offer Sunday School classes for children, youth, and adults. During the school year, Sunday School is from 9:15 am to 10:15 am, followed by worship at 10:30 am. During the summer break, worship starts at 9:30 am.


(Amy Johnson & Sara Blow)


This year, the PreK-K class will continue to  work  through the Old Testament, learning the reasons to trust God and that He loves us and is merciful. The lessons include an opening "brain teaser" that will be a way to relate the story back to life today as well as a hands on creative art project that will be kept and presented at the end of the year to the students and their families.


Grade 1 - 2
(Shoshawna Howard)

Jesus, What a Savior is our curriculum this year.

This curriculum is designed to proclaim the centrality of the greatness and worth of God.  We will be doing a chronological stuydy of the redemption, that focuses on god's revelation of His Son, Jesus as the only hope for sinners, the Good News contained in the Gospel!


Grade 3 - 5
(Lorinda Michaud)

We will start the year by finishing the curriculum we started last year titled:
In the Beginning …Jesus.

Quoting from the introduction to this curriculum is the best way to give you an overview of what we will be studying this year. “The Bible is a type of mystery story, written by the greatest Author of all. From the very beginning of this true story, clues have been woven into the storyline. These clues all have one purpose --- to hint at and point us to the solution to the greatest mystery of all. What is this mystery? The death of Jesus on the cross.” Therefore, throughout the year we will be using the Old and New Testaments to solve the mystery.


GRADE 6 - 12
(ROY RABIDEAU & Pastor Tyler & Heather Digby)